Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Partner?

Do you love each other but sometimes it feels like you speak different languages?

Have you tried everything?

Read all of the relationship books?

Individual therapy?

Couples therapy?

An open relationship?

Does nothing seem to have helped?

We're Danny & Vanessa...

And we know exactly how you feel because...

when Vanessa and I first got together we carried childhood traumas, unhealthy relationship patterns and addictions into our relationship. It was complete chaos!

We struggled for years and tried everything. We read a ton of relationship books, went to individual AND couples therapy. We just couldn't make any real progress until a friend suggested psychedelic healing...


And so can YOU! 

We spent the next several years going inward...

working with different medicines, learning their effects and how each one could benefit us and how to integrate the changes long term.

Most importantly the medicines taught us about ourselves. They revealed the wounds that were hiding in our subconscious, creating walls in the form of self defense mechanisms that kept us numbed to our pain. These walls also kept us from experiencing happiness, joy, gratitude and especially love.

The more inner work we did with psychedelics the more blocks we removed, the more love and joy we could feel.

Our friends and family saw the miraculous change in us and started asking us for help with their emotional and relationship challenges, that's when Sovereign Love was born.

We are NOT gurus but these medicines have changed our lives and now we want to share what we have learned with you in our Psychedelic Relationship Coaching program.

Is Psychedelic Relationship Coaching right for you?

Our program is designed to help you do your internal healing and improvement work to help you cultivate deep and meaningful connections in your relationships, while exploring the transformative power of psychedelics. Even if you don't want to work with psychedelic medicines we can teach you the integration tools you need to improve your relationship.

In this 12 week coaching container we will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, focusing specifically on enhancing your relationships. Whether you're single, in a partnership, or navigating multiple relationships, we will provide you with the tools and support you need to create the love and connection you desire.

In The Sovereign Love Psychedelic Relationship Coaching Program You Will Learn How To:

1. Uncover And Heal Past Relationship Patterns: We'll help you identify any patterns or beliefs holding you back from creating healthier and more loving connections.

2. Enhance Communication Skills: We will teach you how to express your needs, listen actively, and resolve conflicts in a constructive and loving manner. 

3. Explore The Transformative Power of Psychedelics: Psychedelics have been called "10 years of therapy in one trip" We can guide you in integration helping you gain valuable insights and expand your consciousness.

4. Cultivate Self-awareness And Self-love: We'll work with you to develop self-love practices, boost your confidence, and increase self-awareness, empowering you to show up authentically.

5. Create A Vision For Your Ideal Relationship: Together, we'll clarify your relationship goals and create a vision for the kind of partnership you truly desire. By aligning your actions with your vision, you'll be able to create the relationship you deserve.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

"Having Danny and Vanessa in my life has been such a blessing. They emanate love, empathy and compassion. My partner and I started having struggles early in our relationship and he recommended we seek help. I was very hesitant due to previous experiences with therapists and fear of being judged or criticized. I agreed to at least meet with them, and I am so grateful I did! I felt very at ease around them and the experience of sharing with them was very validating and non-judgmental. My Partner and I signed up for multiple sessions of relationship coaching. Danny and Vanessa’s support and insight through relationship coaching has been invaluable to me, and in my relationship. They create a safe space that makes sharing and working through the hard stuff possible. It is very easy to relate to them through their own struggles and growth. They are not just some therapist with a college degree and a set of tools they are told should work. They are real people with real life experience that have worked hard and are now able to help others with the tools they have used successfully themselves. I would highly recommend their services to both individuals and couples who want to be heard, have a safe space to share and want to experience growth in their life and or relationship."

Shylo Bourdeau

"As my fiancé and I were driving through town yesterday evening, I was overcome by emotion - almost exactly one year ago, our entire relationship imploded and we were dangling by a thread. Danny and Vanessa took us back up onto solid ground. I will never be the same, because of their love, patience, spiritual guidance, empathy and generosity. The blessed gift of their time and selfless assistance is irreplaceable. I am blessed beyond words to still be in the arms of the love of my life. I am forever grateful to you both, D & V ❤️❤️"

Lauren Herrera

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Join our Psychedelic Relationship Coaching program today and empower yourself to cultivate deeper intimacy. Whether you're single, in a committed relationship, or navigating the complexities of polyamory, take the first step towards a fulfilling and enriching journey!





12 weekly payments

  • 12 Weekly Video Coaching Sessions
  • Printable Sovereign Love workbook
  • Membership to the Sovereign Lovers Community
  • Live text support
  • BONUS: Access to our Psychedelics 101: Healing Yourself Safely Course



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  • 12 Weekly Video Coaching Sessions
  • Printable Sovereign Love workbook
  • Membership to the Sovereign
    Lovers Community
  • Live text support
  • BONUS: Access to our Psychedelics 101: Healing Yourself Safely